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Spanda Foundation Development, identity & heritage : the Sibiu county ecomuseum Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) T.C. Hasegan
Jaar 2011
Tijdschrift Spanda Journal : Indigenous Culture & Development
Deel II
Pagina's 11 - 17
Serienummer 2
ISSN 2210-2175
Organisatie Spanda Foundation
Onderwerp Social and Political Change
Trefwoord cultural heritage, culture, economic development, social development
Gebied Eastern Europe
Land Romania
Samenvatting In response to the membership in the European Union, post-communist states, societies and economies in Eastern Europe are undergoing unprecedented change and are in a process of re-definition. The European integration process relies in part on programmes initiated by the European Commission, one of which is the European Capital of Culture (ECC). In 2007, Sibiu city in Romania, together with Luxembourg and the Greater Region, was named ECC. The status of ECC was simultaneous with Romania’s accession to the EU. Thus, the events taking place in Sibiu were given great symbolic and political importance in the country. The article looks at how, in the context of Sibiu ECC 2007 programme, heritage is an essential part of different strategies used by local people in Sibiu city and region to promote economic, social, and cultural development and to strengthen and increase the global competitiveness of regions, in this case, Transylvania. There is a renewed concern for revitalizing local traditions, which are seen as necessary in affirming Romanian national identity in the context of European Union. At the same time, traditions strengthen regional identities. The article examines the inauguration of the first ecomuseum in Romania, Sibiu County Ecomuseum (Ecomuzeul Regional Sibiu), an example of how heritage, landscape and identity were linked and gained more importance in the context of the Sibiu ECC 2007 programme that aimed at asserting the potential of heritage for economic development.
Taal English
Categorie General
Type document Article
Rechten © 2011 Spanda Foundation
Opmerking ISBN 978-88-7778-133-8
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