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Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation Hivos and theory of change Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur (organisatie) Hivos
Jaar 2011
Uitgever Hivos
Plaats [The Hague]
Pagina's 2
Organisatie Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation
Onderwerp Information, Knowledge and Communication
Trefwoord civil society, knowledge management, social development
Samenvatting The Theory of Change approach applied to social change processes represents a thinking-action alternative to other more rigid planning approaches and logics. In 2010, Hivos asked a group of consultants who were involved in earlier stages of the support to partners, or otherwise interested in Theory of Change, to support us in an action-learning process, in order to learn systematically from the experiences with ToC thinking and to explore and address some of the challenges Hivos and its partner organisations encountered. The ultimate goal of the process is to strengthen the capacity of all involved for critical reflection on their practice and for strategic action to achieve their goals of social and political change. This document sketches the background of this initiative, going deeper into the lessons learned during the process, the current state of affairs, and how Hivos defines a Theory of Change.
Taal English
Categorie Policy
Type document Other
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