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Both ENDS Denkend aan duurzaamheid : zeven visies op groene en eerlijke economieën vanuit het Zuiden Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) H. van de Veen, H. van de Wiel
Jaar 2012
Uitgever Both ENDS [etc.]
Plaats Amsterdam [etc.]
Pagina's 76
Organisatie Both ENDS, Cordaid
Onderwerp Economic Development and Trade
Trefwoord economic development, environment, sustainable development
Gebied Global
Taal Dutch
Categorie Practice
Type document Book
Rechten © 2012 Both ENDS & Cordaid
Opmerking Cordaid and Both ENDS work with people who are able to bring their visions of a green economy to life. We collected the visions and insights of seven visionaries located in various developing countries. Each one of them has a unique approach to transforming his or her dream into concrete, local initiatives that not only focus on financial considerations but also on ecological values and basic human rights. These visionaries show us that a green and just economy is entirely within the realm of possibility.
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