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KIT - Royal Tropical Institute Increasing tenure security in northern Uganda : how to use external support for strengthening bottom up approaches Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) J.A. Zevenbergen, D.H.M. Hilhorst, E. Nsamba-Gayiiya
Jaar 2012
Titel boek of bron Paper prepared for presentation at the "Annual World Bank conference on land and poverty", The World Bank, Washington, DC, April 23-26, 2012
Uitgever World Bank
Plaats Washington, DC
Pagina's 21
Organisatie KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Onderwerp Agriculture and Rural Development
Trefwoord agriculture, law, property rights
Gebied East Africa
Land Uganda
Samenvatting Land related conflicts form the bulk of the caseload in the Ugandan courts, and are often at the basis of crimes (assaults, murder etc.). More attention for “effective” preventive justice - a combination of measures to reduce the emergence of conflict over land and the use of alternative dispute resolution - is essential to reduce the pressure on the formal court system and improve tenure security. This paper presents innovative evolutions in Uganda around securing land rights and documenting transactions, particularly in Northern Uganda where customary tenure systems prevail. These include documenting transactions, demarcation of field boundaries and starting to use the Certificates of Customary Ownership, Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms and legal literacy. Support to document, analyze and upscale such pilot initiatives would help increase tenure security for many in Uganda.
Taal English
Categorie Policy
Type document Article
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