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KIT - Royal Tropical Institute Stigma hinders couples with HIV and AIDS in rural Uganda from accessing services Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) S. Okoboi, P. Igulot, E. Tayebwakushaba
Jaar 2012
Tijdschrift Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender
Pagina's 8 - 9
Serienummer 1
ISSN [1871-7551]
Organisatie KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Onderwerp Health and Nutrition
Trefwoord disease prevention and control, health services, HIV and AIDS
Gebied East Africa
Land Uganda
Samenvatting In 2009, over 2.6 million HIV infections occurred in the world where most transmission is heterosexual (UNAIDS, 2010). In the three centres of The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Eastern region covering Soroti, Mbale and Tororo districts, 63.4 per cent of the organisation’s clients were reported by the management information system in 2009 to be having a stable sexual partner with a 93.5 per cent reported disclosure rate. However, only 20.8 per cent of clients seek HIV-related services as couples. This qualitative study aimed at finding out client and provider-related factors that hinder uptake of HIV and AIDS services for couples.
Taal English
Categorie Research
Type document Article
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