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ETC Foundation Ancient roots, new shoots : endogenous development in practice Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Redacteur B. Haverkort, K. van 't Hooft, W. Hiemstra
Jaar 2003
Uitgever ETC/COMPAS [etc.]
Plaats Leusden [etc.]
Pagina's 264
ISBN 1-84277-334-8
Organisatie ETC Foundation
Onderwerp Agriculture and Rural Development
Trefwoord communities, indigenous knowledge, rural development, sustainable development
Gebied Asia, Africa South of Sahara, Europe, Latin America
Samenvatting The present global problems of poverty, ecological destruction and loss of cultural diversity call for innovative solutions. Experiences indicate that the cultural identity and initiatives of local people can provide important keys to sustainable rural development. This book describes the processes whereby the present-day diversity of knowledges and cultures has emerged. It presents a number of field experiences of endogenous development, or development from within, in sub-saharan Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. By building on local needs and resources, innovative methodologies have been developed to understand and experiment with indigenous practices, and to find synergy with modern knowledge systems. The activities include identifying development niches, retaining benefits within local areas, maximising local control, and making selective use of external resources.
Taal English
Categorie General
Type document Book
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