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IKV Pax Christi The EU as a peacebuilder in Kosovo Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) J. Hoogenboom
Jaar 2011
Uitgever IKV Pax Christi
Plaats Utrecht
Pagina's 18
Organisatie IKV Pax Christi
Onderwerp Social and Political Change
Trefwoord conflict, international cooperation, peacebuilding
Gebied Southern Europe
Samenvatting The European Union is active in Kosovo in many different capacities. The EU External Action Service facilitates the technical Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. EULEX, the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo is the largest civilian mission of the EU. Both Kosovo and Serbia are potential EU member state countries. With all these different roles, the EU can contribute substantially to peacebuilding in Kosovo.’The EU as a peacebuilder in Kosovo’ is a new report in which IKV Pax Christi assessed the effectiveness of the EU in Kosovo. The report concludes that the European Union is not fulfilling its huge potential to contribute to sustainable peace in Kosovo and makes several recommendations to improve EU performance.
Taal English
Categorie Research
Type document Report
Rechten © 2011 IKV Pax Christi
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