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The Broker The public goods conundrum : EU global development policy Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) M. Furness, D. Makhan
Jaar 2011
Tijdschrift The Broker
Pagina's 24 - 30
Serienummer 26
ISSN [1874-2033]
Organisatie The Broker
Onderwerp Development Cooperation General
Trefwoord development policy, international cooperation, globalization
Gebied Europe
Samenvatting Global power shifts are altering the development landscape, necessitating a parallel shift from a development aid focus to a global development policy that addresses priorities linked to global public goods. The European Union has the funds, expertise and experience to drive this initiative, but first its member countries need to agree on concrete goals and implement a common strategy for realizing them. Public diplomacy regarding EU development policy needs improvement. The EU and its members must convey to the public that global development is a long-haul process that does not immediately produce measurable results. The EU must also convey that the short-term costs will be outweighed by the longer-term benefits of equitable GPG provision.
Taal English
Categorie General
Type document Article
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