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DCA-VET - Dutch Committee for Afghanistan - Veterinary Programmes Annual Report 2010 Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur (organisatie) DCA-VET - Dutch Committee for Afghanistan - Veterinary Programmes
Jaar 2010
Uitgever DCA-VET
Plaats Lelystad [etc.]
Pagina's 21
Organisatie DCA-VET - Dutch Committee for Afghanistan - Veterinary Programmes
Onderwerp Agriculture and Rural Development
Trefwoord agriculture, animal production, health, health services, sustainable development
Gebied Southwest Asia
Land Afghanistan
Samenvatting This is the annual report of DCA-VET for 2010. The main objective of DCA-VET is to protect and improve the health of existing livestock and to increase livestock production in Afghanistan. To realise the objective, DCA-VET has developed programmes to: train paraveterinarians (paravets) and basic veterinary workers (BVWs); establish district-based veterinary field units (VFUs) throughout Afghanistan; provide for veterinary equipment, medicines and vaccines; support the sustainable delivery of animal health services at community level; support activities that enhance livestock production; support the integration of public and private veterinary services; and enhance the range of services the VFUs can offer to their clients as well as their earning capacity.
Taal English
Categorie General
Type document Annual report
Rechten © 2010 DCA-VET
Opmerking Contrib.: A. Emmerzaal, A.Q. Fakhri, B. Schreuder, C. Niguse, F. Qaumi, L. Assady, M. Munsterman, N. Noorman, R. Briscoe, R. Heuckeroth, Z. Formuly, Z. Haqani
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