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DPRN - Development Policy Review Network Planning, monitoring and evaluation in complex social situations Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) J. Van Ongevalle, C. Temmink
Jaar 2010
Uitgever DPRN [etc.]
Plaats Amsterdam [etc.]
Pagina's 17
Titel serie DPRN Phase II : Report
Serienummer 28
Organisatie DPRN - Development Policy Review Network, PSO - Capacity Building in Developing Countries, HIVA - Research Institute for Labour and Society,, VVOB - Flemish Office for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance, VECO - Vredeseilanden
Onderwerp Development Cooperation General
Trefwoord evaluation, international cooperation, policy
Samenvatting This document reports on the process entitled ‘Strengthening Monitoring and evaluation in development projects that deal with complex social contexts’ which was carried out within the framework of the Development Policy Review Network (DPRN) and organised by HIVA – Research Institute for Labour and Society, VVOB, Vredeseilanden and PSO.
Taal English
Categorie Practice
Type document Report
Rechten © 2010 DPRN [etc.]
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