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IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands The Netherlands & the world ecology : tropical shrimps Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) H. Hartogh, M. Parr, C. Besselink
Jaar 2005
Uitgever IUCN
Plaats Amsterdam
Pagina's 1
Organisatie IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands
Onderwerp Environment and Natural Resources
Trefwoord environment, environmental degradation, fisheries, sustainable development, trade
Samenvatting This map tries to assess and visualise the impacts of the Dutch import of fished and farmed (aquaculturally produced) shrimp on global biodiversity and local communities. The last few decades have shown a strong worldwide increase in the demand for tropical shrimps. In response to this, many countries around the globe have turned to shrimp production for export to western countries. The Netherlands is currently a major importer and trader of tropical shrimps. Shrimp fishing and shrimp aquaculture production have considerable impacts on the environment, in many cases leading to severe degradation of marine and terrestrial ecosystems and great loss of biodiversity. Shrimp production also has substantial social implications; habitat degradation has resulted in many countries in the loss of the livelihoods of coastal communities. This map aims to raise the awareness of the different actors in the supply/production chain that play a role in these current unsustainable practices. It calls upon those actors to acknowledge their responsibility and hopes to play a constructive role in reversing the current situation.
Taal English
Categorie General
Type document Other
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