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PSO - Capacity Building in Developing Countries Capacity development in humanitarian crises : practice and lessons learnt about strengthening civil society organisations Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) H. Tukker, R. van Poelje
Jaar 2010
Uitgever International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC) [etc.]
Plaats Oxford [etc.]
Pagina's 12
Titel serie Praxis Note
Serienummer 54
Organisatie PSO - Capacity Building in Developing Countries, International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC)
Onderwerp Humanitarian Assistance
Trefwoord humanitarian assistance, capacity building, civil society, sustainable development
Samenvatting This Praxis Note summarises the lessons learned from five years of PSO support to capacity development of CSOs in crises, and looks at the trends of capacity development practice in the Dutch INGO members of PSO. What did the PSO association learn and how did it deal with the many challenges? The note summarises the authors’ understanding of the insights from the many evaluations and reports that resulted from these activities. Lessons learned become only meaningful when they lead to changes in behaviour and practice. Therefore the note starts with the lessons learned and then looks in more detail at how Dutch NGOs are applying these lessons in their current practices. This Praxis note is based on an initial paper presented at the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies in Groningen in 2009, and updated with new insights and valuable inputs received from ICCO/Kerk in Actie and INTRAC.
Taal English
Categorie Practice
Type document Report
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