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Bernard van Leer Foundation ¿Equidad y calidad? : retos para la educación inicial y la primaria en Etiopía, India y Perú Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) M. Woodhead, P. Ames, U. Vennam, W. Abebe, N. Streuli
Jaar 2010
Uitgever Bernard van Leer Foundation
Plaats La Haya
Pagina's xi, 106
ISBN 978-90-6195-117-9
Titel serie Cuadernos sobre Desarrollo Infantil Temprano
Serienummer 55s
ISSN 1383-7907
Organisatie Bernard van Leer Foundation
Onderwerp Education, Science and Technology
Trefwoord children, education
Gebied East Africa, South Asia, South America
Land Ethiopia, India, Peru
Samenvatting Part of the "Studies in Early Transitions" series, this working paper draws on interviews and observations carried out as part of Young Lives, a 15-year longitudinal study of childhood poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam based at the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development. This paper focuses on the challenges of translating into practice the potential of quality early childhood care and education to transform young lives. These include building a positive equity agenda, setting clear policy objectives, raising quality standards, building the skills and motivation of teachers, and recognising where equity goals can be incompatible with a market-led private system. The paper asks which children do and do not have access to an early childhood programme, and explores children’s and parents’ views about the quality of what is on offer.
Taal Spanish
Categorie Research
Type document Report
Rechten © 2010 Bernard van Leer Foundation
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