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Stichting Oikos 'Will the 21st century be more peaceful?' Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) P. Terhal, J. Huisman, H. Singer, P. van Ham
Redacteur R. van der Weijden
Jaar 2004
Uitgever Stichting Oikos
Plaats Utrecht
Pagina's 54
Titel serie Tinbergensymposium
Organisatie Stichting Oikos, Stichting Kerk en Wereld, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Vereniging voor Economie en Vrede
Onderwerp Humanitarian Assistance
Trefwoord conflict prevention, economic development, environmental degradation, peacebuilding
Samenvatting This brochure was published on the occasion of a symposium, which was held in Amsterdam on the 10th anniversary of the death of Jan Tinbergen, on 22 september 2004. Jan Tinbergen is not only the most prominent Dutch economist, but he also dealt extensively with the question of peace and security in the world. The brochure contains a collection of articles in either English or Dutch on these issues, including his essay “Entering the third millennium: some suggestions”, which he wrote for his children and grandchildren.
Taal Dutch, English
Categorie General
Type document Book
Rechten © 2004 Stichting Oikos
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