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Stichting Oikos Geloofwaardige globalisering : praktijkboek Voeg aan bewaarset toe
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Auteur(s) L. van Wensveen, G. Witte-Rang, J. Franken, G. Sturms
Redacteur J. Koehler, R. van der Weijden
Jaar 2008
Uitgever Stichting Oikos
Plaats Utrecht
Pagina's 73
Titel serie Geloofwaardige economie
Organisatie Stichting Oikos
Onderwerp Culture, Society and Religion
Trefwoord international cooperation, poverty, globalization, religion
Samenvatting Christians and churches should reflect from the perspective of faith on the challenge posed by globalization, and are asked to resist the unilateral predominance by way of economic and cultural globalization. The first part of this discussion-cum-practice book supports the awareness in the municipality or parish by means of an analysis of economic globalization from the perspective of ecumenical social teachings. The second part draws attention to the three urgent problems that face us as in 2008 a result of economic globalization: (1) the food and environmental crisis; (2) employment and meaning; and (3) climate change and the poverty gap. These tensions have been dramatised in three casusverhalen with associated discussion questions. The problems of climate change and justice are also addressed from a theological perspective.
Taal Dutch
Categorie General
Type document Book
Rechten © 2008 Stichting Oikos
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