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Lokaalmondiaal De rest van de wereld begint hier! : lokaalmondiaal jaarverslag 2006 Add to my selection
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Corporate author(s) lokaalmondiaal
Year 2007
Publisher lokaalmondiaal
Place Arnhem
Pages 56
Organization Lokaalmondiaal
Subject Information, Knowledge and Communication
Keyword communication, globalization, international cooperation
Abstract This is the annual report of lokaalmondiaal for 2006. lokaalmondiaal keeps people informed about global issues and encourages them to take action for the sake of others. lokaalmondiaal does this through thought-provoking television programmes and documentaries and by organising public debates and campaigns.
Language Dutch
Category General
Document type Annual report
Rights © 2007 lokaalmondiaal
Note Tekst: D. Dekker, N. Hermsen, U. Mans, S. Verwer
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