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Fairfood Tax responsibility : the business case for making tax a corporate responsibility issue Add to my selection
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Corporate author(s) Fairfood International, ActionAid
Year 2011
Publisher Fairfood International [etc.]
Place Amsterdam [etc.]
Pages 12
Organization Fairfood, ActionAid Nederland
Subject Economic Development and Trade
Keyword ethics, finance, private sector
Abstract Corporate responsibility (CR) decisions, like any other aspect of business, are driven ultimately by a company’s obligation to secure strong returns for its shareholders. The adoption of a new issue within a company’s CR agenda therefore depends on the recognition of a business case, usually focused on risk minimisation, by a company’s management and investors. With this in mind, a growing number of businesses and investors are concluding that there is a business case for viewing tax planning through a CR lens. Drivers include the increase in public scrutiny of corporate tax avoidance, and a renewed effort to tackle tax avoidance by revenue authorities in developing and developed countries.
Language English
Category Policy
Document type Policy document
Rights © 2011 Fairfood International
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