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Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation Digital (alter)natives with a cause? : Book one - To be Add to my selection
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Author(s) A. Ben-David, K. McKay, L. Flor, N. Shamim Ansher, P. Shahani, S. Nair, S. Isaacs
Editor N. Shah, F. Jansen
Year 2011
Publisher CIS [etc.]
Place Bangalore [etc.]
Pages 74
ISBN 978-81-922320-0-3
Organization Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, CIS - Centre for Internet and Society
Subject Social and Political Change
Keyword communication, information and communication technologies, social development, youth
Abstract Hivos (The Hague) and The Centre for Internet and Society (Bangalore) consolidate their 3 year knowledge inquiry into the field of youth, technology and change in the 4 book collective "Digital AlterNatives with a cause?". The first part, To Be, looks at the questions of digital native identities. Are digital natives the same everywhere? What does it mean to call a certain population ‘Digital Natives”? Can we also look at people who are on the fringes – Digital Outcasts, for example? Is it possible to imagine technology-change relationships not only through questions of access and usage but also through personal investments and transformations? The contributions help chart the history, explain the contemporary and give ideas about what the future of technology mediated identities is going to be.
Language English
Category General
Document type Book
Rights © 2011 CIS & Hivos
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