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AWEPA - Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa Why peace worked : Mozambicans look back Add to my selection
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Author(s) L. van den Bergh
Editor J. Maul-Philips
Year 2009
Publisher AWEPA European Office
Place Amsterdam
Pages 144
ISBN 978-90-78147-09-1
Organization AWEPA - Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa
Subject Development Cooperation General
Keyword conflict, peacebuilding
Region East Africa
Country Mozambique
Abstract This book looks at the interaction between Mozambican leaders and a civil society anxious for peace, two military-political movements which deeply distrusted each other, and a host of foreign and international organisations anxious to prevent a return to a cruel civil war. Looking back now, the people who were immersed in a sometimes fraught and tense peace process draw unexpected conclusions.
Language English
Category General
Document type Book
Rights © 2009 AWEPA
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