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IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands Trade matters! : the export of dairy products to Burkina Faso and Tanzania Add to my selection
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Author(s) S. Verwer, J. Sunyé, R. Creyghton, P. van der Gaag, M. Hoogland, B. Ilge, C. van Nassau, R. Bosma, M. Oudet, S. van der Mast
Editor K. Engelbrecht
Year 2005
Publisher [Amsterdam]
Place IUCN [etc.]
Pages 16
Organization IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands, Both ENDS
Subject Agriculture and Rural Development
Keyword agriculture, environment, policy, poverty, sustainable development, trade
Region West Africa, East Africa
Country Burkina Faso, Tanzania, United Republic of
Abstract This case study describes the tension between liberalisation of a non-level playing field and the impact this has on farmers and the ecological conditions of Burkina Faso and Tanzania. These countries are to shape their sustainable agricultural development policies whilst confronted with unfair competition from Europe. The report discusses the specific developmental problems faced by Burkina Faso and Tanzania, and looks at how EU trade policies affect the livelihoods of farmers in these countries, and how these policies could influence the environment. Special attention will be given to the effect of European (export) subsidies in these countries. The case study is part of a series produced by IUCN-National Committee of the Netherlands (IUCN NL) and Both ENDS to provide more insight into the relationships that exist between economic policy (such as trade and investment policies), the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in poor countries, and halting the loss of biodiversity. Each case describes a specific example, and offers recommendations on how to move forward. The cases are intended to support the current discussions worldwide on how globalisation can benefit all life on earth.
Language English
Category Research
Document type Report
Rights © 2005 IUCN & Both ENDS
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